White Men Are Black Men Too

White Men Are Black Men Too
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White Men Are Black Men Too

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And then the sticker on the vinyl and CD: 'file under Rock and Pop'. You probably want to know what that's doing there, right? Well... (breathes) when everything is post post post post something older and better where do the exceptions go? (Exhale). When the sci-fi 20's 'Urban' might as well be the atomic 50's 'Race', when R&B has no blues and hiphop is a boom bip with a shorty, a hoe, it's off to the street corner we go... where does a group like Young Fathers, who 'picknmix from the popular music sweety shop and fly no flags and swear allegiance to no country' (© - 100 interviews with the group in 2014) - where do they go?

They have to go to the place where Beck makes a sandwich with The Beach Boys and Captain Beefheart, where Faust and The Fall tango. In Rock and Pop you are allowed to pretty much be yourself. If you are a blue and green eyed boy from Brixton with the sallowest of white skin you can become the epitome of crystalised soul, itself. It swings both ways.

So... Young Fathers are breaking out of the ghetto.

F**k these constrictive selling boxes.

For the purposes of this mission, this album, this White Men Are Black Men Too, is rock and pop. And hiphop, too. (Woops, slipped out). No, you don't box in the R&B Hits 2003 generation that easily. This sticker is only for the business. The listeners can decide for themselves.

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  • Genre: Young Fathers

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