OM Zone 432 Hz

OM Zone 432 Hz
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OM Zone 432 Hz

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Uplifting ambient OM chants tuned to Earth's 'brainwave' create a powerful aid for meditation and yoga.

People have chanted OM for millennia. According to ancient wisdom, OM is the primordial vibration of the universe. To chant or even listen to OM enhances meditation and yoga. OM Zone 432 Hz is tuned to Earth's 'brainwave' (8Hz Schumann resonance) for extra benefit, compared to standard pitch A=440Hz.

Unlike most albums, which are tuned to standard pitch (A=440 Hz), OM Zone 432 Hz is tuned a bit lower, (A=432 Hz). The album features ambient harmonic OM choir, suitable for quiet meditation or chanting at home. Chantmaster Silvia Nakkach adds inspired improvisations on tracks 1, 3 & 5 that add an extra degree of melodic interest, including a magical duet with Steven Halpern. Other highlights include Mellisa Phillippe, vocals, tracks 7 & 12, Schawkie Roth, bamboo flute, track 9, Tibetan bowls, track 6, ocean waves, track 4, crystal bowls, track 11, Rhodes electric piano on track 8, and Theta Brainwave Entrainment OMs on track 2. Tune in and feel the difference when you surround yourself in the OM 432 Hz harmonic vibration of creation. Read more in the CD booklet.

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  • Genre: New Age

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