Henry Cho: What's That Clickin' Noise?


Henry Cho: What's That Clickin' Noise?

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"I'm an Asian with a Southern accent," remarks Cho. "To a lot of people, that right there is funny." Always making the most of who he is, Cho recently inked a deal to co-create and star in his own sitcom based on his life as a Korean-American born and raised in Tennessee. You will be able to see him in his own one-hour comedy special What's That Clickin' Noise?

Track Listings:
I'm South Korean
Great Bread Phenomenon
I Love All Sports
On Marriage
Arab, Alabama
Bachelor System
We Need To Talk
On Children
On Pregancy
Gotta Communicate
Way Woman Talk
Public Engagement
Apple Juice?
What's That Clickin' Noise?
You Don't Have Two Quarters?
Korea: It's Like A Different Country

Laid-back yet ever alert, low-key but quick-witted, comedian Henry Cho, in a performance taped in December 2005, looks completely at home in the Tennessee Theatre of his native Knoxville, where his good ol' boy roots and full-blooded Korean ethnicity don't seem the least bit at odds. A hometown audience is happy to see him as he peels off the inevitable gags about Asian stereotypes: "I know some Japanese people," a neighbor tells him. "You should come see them." "I know some fat people," responds Cho. "You should come see them." Cho complains about coming from such a large family with seemingly endless individual lifetimes: "I'm a grown man, and I still haven't sat at the big table. Every year I go up behind my great aunt and go, 'boo!' Doesn't help." Married seven years, Cho describes his small efforts at independence in a middle-class context: "I use the gravy boat to eat Cheerios, put water on the special soap, and go into the guest room." Cho has a few observations, too, about Southern manners: "You can say anything about anybody as long as you add, 'bless his heart.' Such as, 'That baby's so ugly... Bless his heart." --Tom Keogh

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Enjoy the down-home comedy of Henry Cho in this side-splitting concert in which he discusses his life as a Korean-American born and raised in Tennessee. Through tackling such topics as his cultural heritage, holidays, sports, single life, children, pregnancy, and much more, Cho illustrates why he has won countless fans both in his home state and throughout America. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre:&nb

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