Evolution: Great Transformations & Extinction!

Evolution: Great Transformations & Extinction!
Evolution: Great Transformations & Extinction! (click images to enlarge)

Evolution: Great Transformations & Extinction!

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Great Transformations: What triggered the incredible diversity of life on earth, and how have complex life forms, including humans, evolved? Is there direction to evolution? And is human intelligence inevitable? We focus on evolution's "great transformations," among them the development of a standard four-limbed body plan, the journey from water to land, the return of marine mammals to the sea, and the emergence of humans. Driven by a combination of opportunism and a genetic "toolkit," these astounding leaps forward define the arc of evolution. And they suggest that every living creature on earth today, and every species that has ever existed, is a variation on a grand genetic theme, a member of one, and only one, tree of life. Extinction!: Some 99.9 percent of all the species that have ever lived are now extinct. While cataclysmic events on earth have pruned the tree of life, extinction also opens the door to diversity, carving out room for new species to emerge and thrive. This film explores the causes of the five mass extinctions that have occurred over the life of the planet, and takes us to the sources of extinctions happening today. In doing so, it confronts a frightening notion: Are we humans causing the next mass extinction, the sixth in the history of life on earth? If so, what does evolutionary theory predict for the world we will leave to our descendants?

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