Cat Companion Cat Purring

Cat Companion Cat Purring
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Cat Companion Cat Purring

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Manufacturer Description

About Cat Companion CD Cat Companion is an audio CD designed specifically for peace of mind. The CD contains one track with a total running time of 60 minutes of continuous cat purring. There are no artificial or computer generated sounds just 100% cat purring recorded from a content kitten. Unfortunately this little kitten was born deaf but as a result I noticed that her purring was much louder than her siblings who had the gift of hearing. As a cat owner I knew how purring made me feel so I recorded her so I could capture that feeling on demand. When I played the CD I noticed it had the same soothing effect on me and others who heard it including my other cats and even my dogs. The cat purr is the universal sound of tranquility which has always been around us but not when we need it the most. The Cat Companion CD can be accessed whenever and wherever you can play a CD. The Cat Companion CD is the answer for anyone seeking the good feelings brought on by the sound of a cat purring. Who Can Benefit From Cat Companion CD Anyone wanting to simply relax Anyone who has trouble sleeping (Some like rain or the ocean.....I love purring) Play it for your sleeping baby before and during bedtime (Some new parents swear it works like a charm) Anyone who does not or can not own a cat (No allergies or litter boxes to worry about) Anyone stressed before, during or after work. (Listen on your computer at work) Listen in your car radio during your commute (I had an eight hour commute once - It helped me) Listen while working out (My wife loves it during yoga and a friend while doing Tai Chi) Listen while romancing (Purring can be sexy if you want it to be) Listen while studying (Great background noise that won't distract - Send one in a "Care Package" - They'll love you!) Play it for your current pets (My cats love it and my dogs swear by it) Play it for your pets when your not home (Lower separation anxiety and curb bad behavior) Play it when you pray (Cat purring is non denomination and universally accepted) Play it for someone who's sick (Some studies suggest cat purring may improve bone density and promote healing)

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  • Artist: Feline

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